Adult jams — Here’s how they work

The fee is $12 per musician. We go from 7 to 9 PM.
Everybody plays! We put together different combinations of musicians based on the songs we’re doing, their instrumentation and your comfort level.

We’ll play instrumentals and vocal tunes, so if you’re a singer, be sure that you have lyrics and know the key for each song you sing. It’s also helpful to have a lead sheet. We’ll follow the actual recorded arrangement or make up our own.

We provide coaching
Rob Zollman helps keep things organized, directing and playing when necessary. 

Our studio
W have a full PA system, keyboards and amp, guitar and bass amps, and a full drum set,

You bring:
Guitars and basses. We don’t provide these.
Optional: keyboard, guitar amp and effects pedals.

Drummers bring your sticks. Optional: snare drum and cymbals 

Contact us for the next date: 
Please call, text or email us to get on our email list. It’s also helpful if you fill out this brief registration form. You can scan and email it back to us, or bring it along with you. Also, if you haven’t previously done so, please fill out the 
survey and send it back to us.