Community Music Studio

Hands-On Music is a community music-making studio, offering numerous ways to have fun making music regardless of your age and experience. When you walk in the door, we say “Please Touch” instead of “Don’t Touch”, and encourage you to explore first-hand our playful, interesting and inviting space. Whether it’s your first experience or your latest experience, it’ll put a smile on your face, and you are likely to have the most fun you’ve ever had with music. Come & Play!

IMG_0599 2Aside from the spontaneous music that frequently happens here, we offer scheduled drum circles, jam sessions in a variety of styles (blues, rock, jazz, bluegrass/country, Motown, etc.) and a space for band rehearsals and intimate performances. We’re also up for your suggestions. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll try to find a way to make it happen for you.

Hands-On Music does outreach programs throughout Vermont and beyond, appearing at libraries, community centers, schools and camps. We’ve worked with diverse populations including wellness and recovery groups, very young children, seniors, special needs groups and at-risk children.