May 21 2016 – WE DID IT AGAIN!

Although fewer in numbers than in previous years, I reminded our small but powerful group that we were among thousands drumming and raising significant amounts of money in the fight to rid the world of cancer. When we finished our continuous five hours of playing, we tallied up the total and found we’d raised more than $1100, with donations still due, exceeding each of the previous two years of DRUMSTRONG VT!

Many thanks to Fred Pockette, who singlehandedly raised over $600 from family and friends.

Here are some photos of DRUMSTRONG VT 2016

DS VT 2016-02  DS 2016-03

DS 2016-01  DS 2016-08


Cafe Provence / Gourmet Provence  Center Street, Brandon
Carr’s Florist & Gifts  Center Street, Brandon
Book & Leaf Bookstore and Tea Shop  Park Street, Brandon
Marni Neilson, Artist
Creative Fiber Design  Park Street, Brandon
Mae’s Place Diner  Center Street, Brandon
Wood’s Market Garden  Brandon
Brandon House of Pizza  Brandon
Good Earth Farm Store, Brandon

150704 mini 02                 Scott and Rob 150720
Mini DRUMSTRONG, July 4, 2015               Rob Zollman with Scott Swimmer,
                                                                                    DRUMSTRONG founder


Here are the stories of two of the many friends and family members who have fallen victim to cancer.

Josh Sack – a dedication
Jake Gregg – an appreciation by his friend Alex Heaton

Past Events
2015: we did it – our 2nd year!

 150509-04 150509-13

DS 150509-02  DS 150509-05  DS 150509-13  DS 150509-10  DS 150509-09

Thank you everyone for another successful DrumStrong VT. We raised over $1000, hopefully increased awareness of the insidiousness of cancer in our lives and drummed intensely for 5 straight hours. A special thanks to our Native American friends who arrived just as we were starting to doubt our ability to continue, and they brought us home for the 5th hour. Here are a couple of videos of the event.


Looking back at DRUMSTRONG Vermont 2014



DRUMSTRONG Vermont 2014 was such a success! We raised over $700. Thank you everyone for your incredible support. Too many names to mention here, but in particular, I’m so proud of my middle and elementary school students who hung in there and played 4 straight hours, and so appreciative of our Native American friends who came en masse with their 36″ drum. The transitions between our culturally un-specific grooves and their songs were such an amazing thing to experience. After they finished singing, they kept the groove going for a good hour, with everyone around them joining. Finally, we transitioned into a nice Brazilian groove and they followed right along. Viva la difference, but we’re all the same when it comes to speaking “rhythmese”. This was truly a multi-cultural event.

Thank you again, and we’ll plan on doing it next year. Did I hear someone say “let’s go for 5 hours”?

Here is a short video that captures the spirit of the event.