Drum Circles

“A drum circle is a gathering of people in a spirit of community.
It is not about creating perfect sounds or rhythms. It is about
creativity, spontaneity and creating an uplifted feeling of connectedness.”

Using hand drums and assorted other percussion instruments, rid yourself of the week’s stress while exploring the music that beats with your heart. Interactive, powerful and fun.

No previous musical experience needed. Informal atmosphere, some instruction provided. Bring your own hand drum/percussion instrument or use one of Rob’s.

Please call 802 247-2700 or email for upcoming dates and locations.

Hand drums

Here’s a glimpse of some of our hand percussion instruments.

More on community drum circles
Here’s a good description of community drum circles. These are not my words. I haven’t been able to locate the specific source and apologize for not acknowledging the writer at this time.

“A community drum circle is a group that gathers together to share a rhythmical and musical experience. Rhythm is a truly universal language, and naturally creates a sense of community that can bridge any number of gaps and potential biases.

“In a community drum circle, the participants act as both audience and entertainment, sharing a musical experience that results in harmony, unity, and feelings of wellness for all present. It is very important to note that the success of a drum circle is not dependent on the group’s musical talent or ability.

“A facilitated drum circle consists of a group of participants that form a circle around a central figure: the facilitator. The job of the facilitator is to inspire, teach, and orchestrate the group to its highest rhythmic potential. Anyone can act as facilitator, regardless of their musical experience or talent, but they should possess a few key qualities: lack of inhibition, and good communication and listening skills.”