Drum lessons with Rob

Take a single lesson or series of lessons on drums for beginners through advanced levels. If you’ve never played at all, now’s the time to start. With my Whole Music Drumming approach, which is based on learning lots of songs, you’ll be playing musically on drums in a surprisingly short time.

If you’re a more advanced player, I promise that you’ll be challenged, if technically, than certainly on a musical level. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied, or you’ll get your money back.)

Here’s one point that is basic to my approach: In order to be  musicians, drummers need to know what they don’t play. It is essential to learn as much as possible about what everyone else is doing. Understanding melody, harmony, bass, song form and arrangement are just a some of these things.

To that end, I strongly encourage drummers learn to play a tonal instrument, such as a keyboard percussion instrument (glockenspiel, marimba, xylophone and/or vibes). These instruments use similar hand technique to drumming. Piano is also good but requires a completely different type of technique.

Recommended time: 45 or 60 minute weekly sessions are optimal, as drums and percussion have numerous areas to cover. 30 minute sessions can be given, too, but you should determine with me whether a 30 minute lesson is a good option for you.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Here’s how to book Rob for a lesson or session:

  1. Email or call Rob at 802 247-2700 to schedule your lesson(s).
  2. Pay below.
  3. Enjoy lessons with Rob!

When you contact Rob, you’ll agree on one primary and two alternative days and times. If for any reason Rob is not able to meet at any of the agreed upon times, and both parties are unable to reschedule, a full refund will be given. Students/Clients agree to give three days notice by phone and email in order to cancel and/or reschedule a session. All payments are final unless you are not satisfied, in which case your money will be refunded.


Lesson length

PLEASE NOTE: During your first lesson, we’ll need to take some time to work out our Skype connection. You won’t be charged for this time. Once we’ve established a satisfactory audio and visual setup, we’ll start the lesson.

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