School Policies & Registration Information

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Welcome to Hands-On Music. We offer music making opportunities to people of all ages and abilities who may or may never have played music.

We want everyone – students, parents and teachers – to be treated fairly.
There are two categories of students: regular weekly students and students who schedule as they go. Our policies are the same for both categories, with one basic difference. In either category, when you are scheduled for a lesson, you are financially obligated for that lesson time. The difference is that when you are enrolled in our regular weekly program, you are guaranteed the same time each week. When you schedule lessons as you go, we can’t guarantee that the same time and day will be available.

Lesson length  We recommend 45 minutes or 1 hour for older children and adults. Half hour lessons are available only for younger students unless other arrangements are discussed.

Regular weekly students  Lessons, ensembles and classes are held on a weekly basis and are paid for in advance by the calendar month, unless other arrangements are made. When you first begin, in order to assure student and teacher are well matched, we recommend you take a least two lessons before committing to ongoing lessons. Then, once you have a regularly scheduled time, lessons must be paid for whether they are taken or missed, regardless of reason for absence.

Schedule-as-you-go students (available to adults or by special arrangement)
In our experience, regularly scheduled lessons allow for the most effective progress. We also understand there may be challenges making a commitment to a regularly scheduled lesson, so we offer adults the option to schedule on a per lesson basis. Again, once a lesson is scheduled, you are financially obligated for that time whether the lesson is taken or missed, regardless of reason for absence.

How we handle absences  We don’t like to be paid to not teach, but as a small, caring school and studio, we require consistency – as do our students. Good communication is essential. As soon as you know you will miss your lesson, you must call or text the office.

Additional time, rescheduled lessons  When possible, as a courtesy, we will reschedule a missed lesson at another time in the same week as the missed lesson, or arrange for extra time to be added onto future lessons. Occasionally, at our option, we may offer a make up lesson at a later time.

Inclement weather  In the event of questionable weather conditions, contact the office. Every reasonable effort will be made to reschedule lessons missed due to inclement weather.

All lessons missed due to teacher absence will be made up.

Instruments & Equipment  It is assumed that students will acquire appropriate instruments and equipment to maximize their abilities to learn to play in a musically fulfilling way. We can help! Because our teachers are professional musicians, we can advise and assist you in numerous ways, such as how to select the right instrument, and equip and set up your your home practice studio, so that you can successfully find your way into playing music. We also carry products and offer our students 10% off many items. Please count on us as a valuable resource to help you understand and reach your musical goals.

TUITIONS (as of Fall, 2019)
Private lessons on drums & percussion, guitar, bass & mandolin
1 hour $60, ¾ hour $48, half hour $36. We require one additional lesson’s tuition, to be paid at the time of registration, which is held on account and applied to the student’s final lesson. In the event a student withdraws before this payment can be applied, this amount is not refundable.

Semi-private lessons, group classes and ensembles
$25 per student for classes of 2 and 3 students, $20 per student for classes of 4 or more. Classes are payable in blocks of 4.

Sally’s Music Circle
$12 per student per class plus $20 for CD/songbook (one each season). Classes are payable in 4 or 5 week sessions; payment is required prior to the first class.

Adult jams, drum circles and other group events
Tuitions vary but are most often $12 per class. Please inquire.

Financial aid
We try to not turn anyone away on the basis of financial inability. Our goal is to find ways for everyone wanting to participate in our programs to do so. We offer limited scholarship funds and opportunities for bartering and work/study. There is space in the registration form to let us know if you need financial aid.

Also, in the past we have had people contribute to our scholarship fund. If you’d like to become a sponsor for a student, please let us know in the registration form. Recipients’ and donors’ names and contribution amounts will be kept anonymous.

Please contact us at 247-2700 for more information.