Bosphorus 22″ New Orleans Ride Cymbal (BNOR22-01)

Bosphorus 22" New Orleans Ride Cymbal (BNOR22-01)



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Bosphorus 22″ New Orleans Ride Cymbal

Lightly used in my teaching studio for three years. Excellent ride, a little on the dry side. Nice clear articulation. Frequencies balanced across the board from highs to lows. No unpleasant sounds sticking out. Best for medium volume performing. Above average bell and crashable too.

Here are two YouTubes of this cymbal.The audio has better sound quality.The video was done using an iPhone (compressed audio) but allows you to see the cymbal being played.Be sure to listen through high quality speakers, headphones or earbuds..

HHX Stage
Size & type:
14″ hi-hats
Weight in grams:
1140 top, 1435 bottom
Detail Name 1:

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