Djembe from Ghana – 12.5″ with bag. 1 of only 2 remaining in stock

Djembe from Ghana - 12.5" with bag. 1 of only 2 remaining in stock



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This is an incredibly beautiful drum, both sound-wise and visually. We get these drums straight from Ghana, and each is hand carved and therefore unique. This one has very interesting symbols although we don’t know their meaning. The drum comes with a hand made bag, which is lined with a recycled flour sack.

This is 1 of 2 Ghanaian djembes remaining in stock and we’re no longer able to obtain this item.

Here’s an audio file for this drum. Be sure to listen with quality headphones, earbuds or speakers.

Here’s the story behind this drum:

Our Ghanaian drums and percussion instruments come directly to us from the  Bolgatanga region of Ghana. They are hand carved by local drum makers Moses and Assibi who lovingly infuse them with the spirit and symbols of their culture.

A part of the proceeds from your  purchase will be returned to Ghana to support the Universal Wonderful Street Academy school for street children in Accra.  Find them at




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