Dream Contact 10″ splash cymbal (DRCSP10-01)

Dream Contact 10" splash cymbal (DRCSP10-01)



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This 10″ splash cymbal makes a great addition to your cymbal collection. It can be your first splash, or add it in with others — no two sound the same and a group of them can give you a lot of possibilities for soloing or special effects.

As of 12/21/17, this is one of 2 Dream splash cymbals we’re offering, the other being a 10″ Energy. Both Dreams are pictured in photo #3 — the one in this listing is on the right.

Here are both a video and an audio for this cymbal as well as the Dream Contact splash we’re offering. This allows you the opportunity to hear them individually and comparatively as well. Be sure to listen using quality speakers or headphones.

In separate listings we’re also offering a pair of 12″ Hammerax splashes. They’re splashes in name, but you may find them very different from the Dreams and from one another.

Size and type:
10″ splash
Weight in grams:

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