Istanbul Mehmet Tony Williams Tribute 18″ Crash Cymbal*

Istanbul Mehmet Tony Williams Tribute 18" Crash Cymbal*



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18″ crash (1270 grams)

Beautiful and exotic.

Here’s a brand new Tony Williams Tribute 18″ crash cymbal made in Turkey by Istanbul Mehmet. It is part of a set of 22″ ride, 18″ crash and 14″ hats. In one of our other listings, you can buy the entire set. We are also offering the other individual cymbals from this set (22″ ride, 14″ hats). Once any part of the set is sold, our listing for the entire set will be removed. We only have the one set and we do not know if/when more will become available.

All of these cymbals are really unique — I can’t say I’ve heard anything like them in recent times, and I’ve come to love them. I’ve been a jazz player in both small and big bands for over 40 years and currently own around 60 cymbals for my ongoing personal use. Despite having all of the cymbals I ever wanted or needed, I bought myself one of these sets and have already integrated them into my current set up, adding them to my Matt Nolan Custom 22″ ride and Bosphorus Master Vintage 18″ crash. I am in cymbal heaven.

About the Tony Williams Tribute Cymbals
Tony Williams’ cymbals have become the holy grail of the cymbal world. Nearly every jazz player over the last 45 years will admit to being strongly influenced by Tony Williams, and many love his cymbal sound.

According to the people at Istanbul Mehmet, Tony’s widow brought his original set to the Istanbul factory where they analyzed and tried their best to duplicate his cymbals. While I believe it’s very difficult to chase a dream, these cymbals are remarkably similar sounding to the ones heard on Miles Davis’ albums In a Silent Way and Miles Smiles.

These cymbals are from Istanbul Mehmet’s 2nd release. Same cymbals, but the extra stuff in the first release is not included. As I understand it, the first release was in 2015 and included a leather cymbal bag, some photos and other paper material about Tony Williams. Although 250 sets were made, only around 80 of the first release came to the USA, and they’ve all been sold.

The second release comes with a standard quality bag and no paperwork or photos. The cymbal offered here is from the last set available in this country for the time being. Istanbul Mehmet in California is unsure of when and if more will be coming in.

About the pricing
Istanbul Mehmet has a MAP (minimal advertised price) for dealers that applies to each individual cymbal or entire set sold as new. What this means is, as a dealer I’m obligated to advertise the cymbals at no lower than the MAP they’ve established. In this case, the  18″ crash lists for $945, MAP is $519.  That’s why $519 is the price for the cymbal in this listing.

The 22″ ride cymbal lists for $1450, MAP is $797. The 14″ hats list for $1295, MAP is $712. If you’re interested in the entire set, Istanbul Mehmet’s list price is $3300, MAP is $1831.50.

That being said, you can feel free to call me (Rob) at 802 247-2700 here at Hands-On Music and I’ll be happy to talk with you about this or any of our various cymbal, drums and drum set offerings. For example, we also have some other interesting cymbals in stock including a used 18″ Sabian HH Hi-bell Sound Control crash/ride. We have sound files for most of our items that can be considered unique.

Here are a couple of YouTube sound files. The first is a video. The second is an audio in which I demonstrate the set using an assortment of sticks and mallets and also give a critique on the cymbals.

* Seller’s Choice cymbal: Seller’s Choice means this cymbal has been rated by Rob Zollman as an especially good sounding cymbal and one of the best of our in-stock cymbals of the same brand, model and size, past and present. This is simply his opinion and should be taken as such. Cymbals are by nature unique and we recognize that everyone has their personal tastes.
Istanbul Mehmet
Tony Williams Tribute Series
Size & type:
18″ crash
Weight in grams:
Crash: 1270 Others from set: Ride 2290, Hats 1145 top, 975 bottom
Seller’s Choice:
Detail Name 1:
Detail Name 7:
Detail Name 8:

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