Matt Nolan Turk 22″ ride cymbal (MNTR22-01) 3235 grams

Matt Nolan Turk 22" ride cymbal (MNTR22-01) 3235 grams



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This cymbal was custom made for me by my friend and noted cymbalsmith, Matt Nolan, so I’m reluctant to part with it. Lately I’ve been playing another big ride and don’t want to see this wonderful cymbal go unplayed. I have a personal policy to keep only what I use and need to cut down on my rather expansive cymbal collection (7 rides!). It’s good for my marriage too!

Each Matt Nolan Custom cymbal is a work of art, both sonically and visually. This ride is similar in design to a Turk model in other brands. On the top it’s lathed on the outside quarter, then hammered, then lathed around the bell, then the bell is hammered. The underside is entirely lathed. All these variations allow multiple sounds depending on where and how you strike it.

The cymbal is somewhat high pitched with dark qualities as well and a balanced frequency range. It has served me well as a rock/big band ride as it is somewhat high pitched and articulate, allowing it to cut through the wide band of frequencies in both situations. It has an above average bell. At 2770 grams it’s on the heavy side, so it’s a slow crash.

Here are two YouTubes of this cymbal. The audio has better sound quality. The video was done using an iPhone (compressed audio) but allows you to see the cymbal being played. Be sure to listen through high quality speakers, headphones or earbuds.

Here are two demos, one video and one audio, of this cymbal. Be sure to listen through quality speakers or headphones.

HHX Stage
Size & type:
14″ hi-hats
Weight in grams:
1140 top, 1435 bottom
Detail Name 1:

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