Sabian Crescent Stanton Moore 22″ ride cymbal (SACRSM22R-01) 2315 grams

Sabian Crescent Stanton Moore 22" ride cymbal (SACRSM22R-01) 2315 grams



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Sabian Crescent Stanton Moore 22″ ride cymbal (SACRSM22R-01)

This cymbal was one of two I ordered with the intention of choosing one. I opted for the other. This is a deep and beautiful sounding cymbal that was used for less than one minute. Nonetheless, I am selling it as new (open bag) and asking below market value for it. If you’re considering this cymbal, you’re probably an accomplished player. So you already know cymbals are very personal. If this is the right cymbal for you, it’s a great value.

Here are two demos, one video and one audio, of this cymbal. Be sure to listen through quality speakers or headphones.

HHX Stage
Size & type:
14″ hi-hats
Weight in grams:
1140 top, 1435 bottom
Detail Name 1:

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