Sabian Rare Sound Control High Bell 18″ crash ride cymbal (SAHHSCCR18-01C*)

Sabian Rare Sound Control High Bell 18" crash ride cymbal (SAHHSCCR18-01C*)



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Even though it’s called a crash ride, this 18″ cymbal is much more a crash, and a wonderful at that. Lots of rich wash, somewhat dark, full frequency range, great bell. This has been in my personal collection for over 20 years, and yet I’ve used it infrequently. It has a slight upturn on its edge, which may be why Sabian discontinued the model. I’d heard that some bashers cracked a few.

Here are two demos, one audio and one video, of this cymbal. Be sure to listen through quality speakers or headphones.

* Seller’s Choice cymbal: Seller’s Choice means this cymbal has been rated by Rob Zollman as an especially good sounding cymbal and one of the best of our in-stock cymbals of the same brand, model and size, past and present. This is simply his opinion and should be taken as such. Cymbals are by nature unique and we recognize that everyone has their personal tastes.
Sound Control HH Series
Size & type:
18″ crash ride
Weight in grams:
Seller’s Choice:

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