Rob’s Current Set — This Model Available — email us

Rob's Current Set -- This Model Available -- email us


Like most drummers and musicians, my tastes are specific to my artistic expression and also to the styles of music I play and how I can best present them in performance. More important, for this website in which I comment freely about cymbals and drums, it is good for the listener to have a perspective about what I personally play. When I say what say, it is in the context of what I, myself, use, as well as the way I approach the instrument technically. Please keep this in mind when you evaluate my comments.

At the moment, my current set up consists of the following. It changes according to what and where I play.

Drums: Taye Studio Maple in Golden Amber (all sizes in inches): 18×16 bass, 14×14 floor tom, 8×8, 10×8.5 and 12×9 inch racks and a Taye wood hoop 14×5 snare.

Cymbals: Istanbul Mehmet Sultan 22″ ride, Istanbul Mehmet Empire 20″ ride, Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia 16″ crash, Bosphorus 17″ crash, Matt Nolan Custom 15″ hats and a Stagg Black Metal 10″ splash. The hats are not necessarily mine. It all depends on whether I decide to keep them or sell them. My regular hats are Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary series — I was just trying out the Nolans that day.

Here’s an audio demo of the set:

This is my small group setup. When I play in my rock band, I use these drums but change cymbals. A Zildjian 18 dry crash is my first ride. I keep the Bosphorus 17. I use a UFIP 15 crash and keep the Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia 16 crash.

When I play with my 18 piece big band, I use a 22×18 bass drum and 12 and 16 rack toms, all SM in Golden Amber. My 16 is a rack because when I was looking for a 16, it was available at an affordable price. I would prefer a 16×16 floor, but this one does the trick. Cymbals: I have been using a Dream 22″ Dark Matter ride. I’m going to try my Istanbul 20 ride. I use my Bosphorus 17 and Istanbul Nostalgia 16 crash, and either my Istanbul 61st Anniversary 14 hats or a pair of Istanbul pre-split 13 hats. When my band reconvenes in January, I’m going to try my pair of Dream Dark Matter 14 hats if they haven’t sold by then.

I’m almost always experimenting with cymbal setups. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be happy with one set of choices for long. I tend to give myself a rest from a particular cymbal for awhile, then go back to it (if I haven’t hastily sold it). Currently I have a Dream Bliss 20 ride and a Dream Contact 20 crash ride on the block. I may regret it. Who knows?


Studio Maple SM618J
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