Whole Music Drumming Level One (Student Edition)

Whole Music Drumming Level One (Student Edition)


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On its cover, Rob Zollman’s book refers to itself as “a unique, comprehensive, musical approach based on the whole song”. This volume is packed with materials and bound together with a methodology inspired by Edwin Gordon’s music learning theory. The idea is that we teach according to the way we learn, rather than blindly following the way we were taught.

The book is divided into parts: Technique, Rhythmic Concepts, The Written Phrase (including reading and writing), Drum Set Beats, Song Journal, Tonality and Improvisation. These parts are not in sequence, but rather are intended to be used simultaneously. However, within each of the parts are 5 sequential sections.

Although WMD it is instrument specific to drum set, snare drum, keyboard percussion (glockenspiel, marimba, xylophone and vibes) and timpani, students of every instrument may find WMD‘s concepts useful to their musical studies.

WMD is available in two editions: the spiral bound Teacher and Self-Directed Edition, and the Student Workbook Edition which comes in a loose leaf binder. The Teacher Edition comes with a curriculum guide, a quickstart guide and philosophical essays. The Student Edition leaves these out. Both editions contain the same study materials and CD.

WMD includes a companion CD. Within the book is a list with recommended additional songs available from various internet sources.

For information on how to use the book as a student, online Skype lessons with Rob Zollman are available. For teachers, Rob offers a course on how to teach using WMD  and his Whole Music approach.

Pictured are the front and back covers along with a few sample pages.

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