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Take a single lesson or series of lessons on drums, glockenspiel/vibes/marimba, timpani. Beginners to advanced, I’ll take anyone on. No matter how good you are, at the very least I promise that I’ll throw something at you that will challenge you. (But take note, I’m really a softie, so don’t panic if you’re just a beginner. Besides I guarantee you’ll be satisfied, or you’ll get your money back.) Recommended time:30, 45 and 60 minute sessions

Transform your playing and music understanding using my Song Journal concept.
This basic and under-emphasized practice will forever change and improve your musicianship starting now and going forward throughout your entire musical life.
Recommended time: one 30 minute session, follow up sessions optional

For teachers: how to teach using my Whole Music approach and my book Whole Music Drumming. WMD is a unique, comprehensive, musical approach based on the whole song, and includes materials for snare drum, drum set, keyboard percussion and timpani.
Recommended time: Ongoing 30 minute sessions, to be determined

For teachers: how to set up a successful and smooth running teaching practice. I’ll provide you with a soup to nuts guide, with lists and advice on what you need to get started. This includes:
§  Determining the scope of your dreams, then defining initial and long term steps to successfully making them come true.
§  Your studio(s): initial space considerations — size and configuration. Renting space, if necessary. Dealing successfully with landlords and neighbors.
§  Equipment requirements
§  Setting and collecting tuition and related fees, and establishing cancellation and other policies.
§  Marketing your practice — getting your name established, interacting with your community
§  Liability and equipment insurance, and security issues
§  Determining budget, acquiring necessary funds for startup
§  Eventual expansion including hiring other teachers
§  Defining your offerings (private lessons, ensembles, different classes, guest artists, etc.)
§  Producing recitals and concerts
§  Additional offerings such as products or community outreach activities
Recommended time: initial 15 minute interview, followed by ongoing sessions, length to be agreed upon based on the scope of your plan

Skype course: How to start and run a successful band (amateur or professional). Exceptional coaching for anyone who wants to take the shortest path to establishing and enjoying being in a successful band. Starts at the beginning with an overview, then delves into the many craggy issues including:
§  selecting personnel and all the related artistic and social issues that come with being in a family band
§  setting specific goals, making commitments and sticking to them
§  making up a name
§  choosing songs
§  effective and efficient rehearsing
§  obtaining equipment
§  finding places to play for fun or professionally (see below)
§  making a demo (audio and/or video)
§  making a full length recording
Bands are notorious for getting off track. If you take this course, you are expected to agree to complete specific assignments that will keep you on the path to your goals.
Recommended time: initial 30 minute session, with weekly or biweekly follow up 15-30 minute sessions to track your progress.

For performers: how to find work as a freelancer, soloist, or a player looking to join a band. Includes:
§  identifying who’s hiring and whether it’s what you really want
§  how to blow your own horn (so to speak), including various time honored ways to get your name out
§  pleasures, pitfalls, obstacles and things (and types of people) you may want to avoid
§  putting together a musical “resume”
Recommended time: initial 30 minute session, follow up sessions to be determined

How to find work for your already established band. Includes:
§  defining who you are, then producing a promotional kit appropriate to your market
§  deciding to self manage or obtaining outside management, understanding the booking process and writing simple contracts.
§  finding concert venues appropriate to the music you offer
§  dealing with concert producers, venue managers, clubowners and all sorts of major and minor officials in the live music business
§  researching and contacting wedding and party venues (wedding halls, country clubs, historic houses, inns, hotels, etc.)
§  researching, contacting and interacting with party givers, bridal couples and family members, and related people such as photographers, caterers and florists.
§  how to handle yourself professionally in numerous situations artistically and commercially
Recommended time: initial 30 minute session, follow up sessions to be determined

Understanding and navigating the seas of the Music Industry: general overview and orientation of a very complex and sometimes unsavory business. Review of the many job opportunities playing and otherwise
Recommended time: initial 15 or 30 minute session, follow up sessions to be

For students: general music career advice. For others thinking about transferring to a career in music. Important things to know before you jump in!
Starts with a discussion in which I ask you some tough questions (examples below) and then we’ll discuss the answers:
§  What’s involved, what are your chances and should you go for it?
§  What does it realistically take, and are you good enough?
§  What are some of your choices? If you’re a student, should you go to music school? If so, what music schools are the best fit for what you want?
§  Should you quit your day job, and if so, when?
§  Make a list of all your resources, including time, money, talent and people who you can ask to help you in any number of ways.
Recommended time: initial 15 or 30 minute session, follow up sessions to be determined

Buying information* before you purchase all types of drums and percussion, including:
§  drums sets
§  cymbals
§  hand percussion instruments such as djun djuns, djembes, bells, shakers, wooden instruments, etc.
§  keyboard and concert percussion instruments such as marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and timpani
Recommended time:
initial 15 or 30 minute session, follow up sessions to be determined.
Your money will be refunded
when you purchase products totaling $50 or more at our Brandon Trading Emporium store.


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