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My Whole Music approach was developed over 25 years of teaching hundreds of students and uses Whole Music Drumming as it primary source of teaching materials.

I wrote Whole Music Drumming out of necessity. At that time, there were no books where you learned how to play drums and percussion based on specific and varied song materials. Instead there were hundreds of books on snare technique, reading and drum set grooves. I wanted to offer an “in context” learning experience, which is more in keeping with how we learn music.


There were also no books that included hands on experience on both drums and keyboard percussion instruments. I believe drummers need to know as much as possible about the whole song, in order to play musically. Therefore, my approach includes learning to play what drummers usually don’t play — melody, harmony and bass. I believe if you the learn the song, your drumming will take of itself. Although it’s true you need to spend much time learning the instrument, none of it matters if you don’t understand the music you’re playing to.

Before writing Whole Music Drumming I had wasted a lot of time writing out the same stuff in each student’s manuscript book. WMD allowed me to have at my fingertips all the technical, reading, drum set, mallet and listening materials in one place.

Since it came out in 2002, WMD has been my go-to book in my school and it’s also been used by drum teachers and university professors with great success.

When you sign up for your first Skype session, you’ll receive by mail a Teacher’s Edition Copy of Whole Music Drumming, the companion CD that comes with it, plus three more CD’s of listening materials not usually included with the book.

There is more information on my Whole Music Learning approach available here on my website. In particular read my three part blog entitled Why Whole Music Learning? Have a look around and please feel welcome to give me a call at 802 345-1714 if you’d like to find out if my Whole Music approach is right for you.

Recommended time: Initial 45-60 minute session, additional sessions to be determined.

Here’s how to book Rob for a lesson or session:

  1. Email or call Rob at 802 247-2700 to schedule your session(s).
  2. Pay below.
  3. Enjoy your session(s) with Rob!

When you contact Rob, you’ll agree on one primary and two alternative days and times. If for any reason Rob is not able to meet at any of the agreed upon times, and both parties are unable to reschedule, a full refund will be given. Students/Clients agree to give three days notice by phone and email in order to cancel and/or reschedule a session. All payments are final unless you are not satisfied, in which case your money will be refunded.

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