Careers in music advice, i.e. explaining the music industry (someone’s got to do it!)

For students: general music career advice regarding playing, teaching or other areas of music.

For people thinking about changing to a career in music (don’t do it): important things to know before you jump in!

For anyone else: an objective (though somewhat opinionated) explanation of the music industry

Here’s your opportunity to gain some perspective, understanding and a general overview of a very complex and sometimes unsavory business. If you just want information, fire away with your questions. If you want career advice, we’ll start with a discussion in which I ask you some tough questions (examples below) and then we’ll discuss the answers:

  • What’s involved, what are your chances and should you go for it?
  • If you’re planning on being a full time performer, what does it realistically take, and are you good enough?
  • What are some of your choices? If you’re a student, should you go to music school? If so, what music schools are the best fit for what you want?
  • If you’re doing something else, when (if ever) should you quit your day job?
  • Make a list of all your resources, including time, money, talent and people who you can ask to help you in any number of ways.

Recommended time: For a superficial overview, a initial 15-30 minute session will be enough. If you really want to a thorough understanding, take the initial session and we can go from there.

Here’s how to book Rob for a session:

  1. Email or call Rob at 802 247-2700 to schedule your session.
  2. Pay below.
  3. Get ready for an unforgettable Skype Session!

When you contact Rob, you’ll agree on one primary and two alternative days and times. If for any reason Rob is not able to meet at any of the agreed upon times, and both parties are unable to reschedule, a full refund will be given. Students/Clients agree to give three days notice by phone and email in order to cancel and/or reschedule a session. All payments are final unless you are not satisfied, in which case your money will be refunded.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Single session

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